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For more information about the cross-Indiana National Road Heritage Trail, to get involved, or to make a 501(c)3 donation, please find the closest contact below or contact us through the general info address.

NRHT, Inc. Contacts

National Road Heritage Trail, Inc.
Board of Directors

President / Secretary /
web site / Marion County

Greg Midgley
(317) 503-1101
Vice-President / Treasurer /  
Henry County

Jeff Ray (765) 987-8783
Director / Vigo County /
Terre Haute

Director / Clay County

Kurt Bryan

Director / Putnam County Scott Zimmerman

Director / Hendricks County

Mike Hoover
Director / Hancock County


Director / Wayne County (open)

Director / at-large /
Indiana Nat'l Road Assoc

Pat Martin
Director / Indiana National Road Assoc