Plainfield Overview

Plainfield currently has 5 miles of paved Vandalia Rail-Trail connecting neighborhoods and park facilities across the northern section of the town. For more details, visit the town's web site.

Greencastle - Amo Overview

Between Zinc Mill Road in Greencastle and Pearl Street in Amo, there are 13.1 continuous miles of signed trail open for hiking and bicycling. Between Amo and Coatesville, there are 3 miles of signed trail open for horseback riding. See the trail map at the link below. This trail system is managed by Hendricks County Parks & Recreation in Hendricks County and by Putnam Parks & Pathways (formerly People Pathways) and the city of Greencastle in Putnam County.

Click here for the 12-mile trail map.

In Putnam County, the bike/pedestrian trail is paved in Greencastle and is a smooth packed stone surface between Greencastle and Hendricks County. In Hendricks County, the bike/pedestrian trail is paved.

The equestrian trail between Amo & Coatesville is packed stone and natural surface separated from the bike/pedestrian trail. Please wait 24 hours after a strong rain before horseback riding in order to reduce damage to the trail surface and because Crittenden Creek will likely be impassable.

There are signed car parking areas and horse trailer parking areas with hitch rails in Amo and Coatesville, plus another hitch rail on the west side of Crittenden Creek. Car parking is also generally available along the streets in the towns near the trail. Picnic tables are located near the trailhead in Coatesville and at the Fillmore & Greencastle car parking areas. The Amo and Coatesville trailheads have public restrooms that are open 7 AM to 9 PM from mid-Spring to mid-Fall. Other public restrooms are available throughout the year during limited hours at the Amo Interurban Depot (Tue & Thu 6-8 PM, Wed 10-noon, 1st Sat each month 10-noon) and at the Coatesville Public Library (Mon-Tue 10 AM - 7 PM, Wed-Fri 1-7 PM, Sat 10 AM - 5 PM). Coatesville, Fillmore, and Greencastle also have nearby restaurants and cafes whose facilities are available for their patrons. Note that some of these businesses are not open on Sundays.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on these trails.

Eating & Refreshments Along the Trail

There are a number of restaurants and food stores along the way. In Amo, there's Amo Pizza & General Store. In Coatesville, there's the Coatesville Food Center, O'Knappy's Kitchen, and Dawnn's Diner. In Fillmore, there's Bert & Betty's Kitchen. In Greencastle, along the paved trail just south of the People Pathways gazebo, there's a Walmart Supercenter, Dairy Queen, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, Monical's Pizza, Taco Bell, and a number of others further west.