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2022 Progress and News

 Status Map of Projects Along NRHT

Apr '22 Round 3 Next Level Trails Grant Goes to Greencastle

2015 & before

April 2022
Round 3 Next Level Trails Grant Goes to Greencastle

The City of Greencastle received in Round 3 of the State of Indiana's Next Level Trails grant program $2 million to build/upgrade about 2.4 miles of trail along the NRHT corridor.  This includes completing the paved Campus Link Trail across the west half of the city and upgrading the existing 0.8-mile Phase 1 of the Putnam Nature Trail and a trailhead from stone to paved on the southwest side of the city.  (State's announcement)  This will extend the continuous length of open NRHT in Putnam and Hendricks Counties to 15 miles (Vandalia Trail, People Pathways, Campus Link Trail, Putnam Nature Trail Phase 1).

The overall project is expected to take 3-4 years to complete.  See the location on the NRHT maps page.  National Road Heritage Trail, Inc. will donate the Putnam Nature Trail Phase 1 property to the city of Greencastle as part of this project.